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2022 Hacker-Powered Security Report

6th Annual Hacker-Powered Security Report

Learn how ethical hackers pick what (and who) to hack—plus how they keep you safe

The latest industry insights from our security experts

For the past six years, HackerOne has been surveying ethical hackers to get their perspective on the cybersecurity landscape, the evolution of risk, and what motivates them to help. The 2022 Hacker-Powered Security Report, with insights from 5,700+ hackers and the organizations that rely on them, is available now.

One Big Takeaway
Hackers’ reconnaissance skills make attack surface management tools more valuable to your organization. In fact, 92% of hackers say they can find vulnerabilities scanners can’t. That’s why we’ve added HackerOne Assets to our cybersecurity testing platform. Assets combines the core capabilities of Attack Surface Management (ASM) with the expertise and reconnaissance skills of ethical hackers to bring visibility, tracking, and risk prioritization to your entire digital asset landscape—and lets you manage both the discovery and testing of assets in a single platform.

What's Inside
Download this report to learn:

  • What hackers observe as organizations’ top challenges
  • Why ethical hackers don’t disclose half of the flaws they find
  • Which vulnerability types are the most impactful for organizations that engage hackers
  • How bug bounty rewards have changed in the past year
  • The role that staffing shortages, remote work, and expanding attack surfaces play in cyber risk

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We know that the best way to protect our community and stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape is to collaborate with industry-leading experts, researchers, and academics, inviting them to disclose potential security vulnerabilities so we can quickly address them.