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Learn about cybersecurity and how to close the security gap in your organization with attack surface management, pentesting, cloud security and more.

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Penetration Testing

Bug Bounty vs. Penetration Testing: Differences Explained

What is the Difference Between Bug Bounties and Penetration Testing? Organizations offer ongoing bug bounties...
Company News, Vulnerability Management

Announcing the HackerOne 2022 Attack Resistance Report: A Security Survey—How to Close Your Organization's Attack Resistance Gap

Today, HackerOne published The 2022 Attack Resistance Report: A HackerOne Security Survey. Our research...

Customer Stories, Application Security, Best Practices, Bounty, Vulnerability Management

How Wix Improves Their Security Posture with Ethical Hackers

Reducing risk is fundamental to Wix’s approach to cybersecurity, and as the threat landscape evolves, they...