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Asset Coverage
HackerOne Assets

Identify the unknown. Then secure it.

Combine the power of attack surface management (ASM) with the reconnaissance skills of security researchers. Bring visibility, tracking, and risk propensity to your expanding asset landscape.

Extend your external asset visibility beyond automation

Automated ASM tools find assets but ethical hackers find the flaws that could set the next breach in motion. HackerOne Assets blends security expertise with asset discovery, continuous assessment, and risk-based prioritization to intelligently reduce exposures across your digital footprint.

What is Attack Surface Management (ASM)?

Attack surface management (ASM) is a process for continuously discovering, monitoring, and evaluating an organization’s externally facing online assets - the ‘attack surface.’ A digital attack surface comprises all possible assets that would allow a threat actor to breach an application, system, device, network, or organization. The goal of ASM is to provide a comprehensive view of assets to prevent and remediate risks, such as known vulnerabilities or misconfigurations.

Automated Risk Prioritization
Make Cybersecurity More Effective

Unify attack surface protection with actionable risk assessment

HackerOne Assets discovers, inventories and risk ranks all of your digital assets to accelerate security actions. Collected vulnerabilities are fed to the HackerOne Platform for security analysis and testing to detect risk and address security gaps quickly.

  • Unified reports and asset data provide global visibility without pivoting across consoles.
  • Accelerate your threat response with security researchers who verify, triage, and route vulnerability data to the right place for action.

  • Bring risk-focused remediation and testing to your asset inventory with attack-surface mapping and security analysis.
Gain visibility and control of your attack surface from every angle

HackerOne Assets supports multiple use cases through ASM combined with security expertise. Actionable remediation guidance arms your team to resist attacks effectively.

Having in-depth visibility of our attack surface is a core part of our security strategy.With HackerOne Assets and the insights it brings from the hacking community, our security team has been able to effectively prioritize those areas of our attack surface that need the most attention, helping us address security gaps faster.

Take the first step toward full visibility

Schedule a consultation to see how HackerOne Assets can strengthen

your resistance to attack.

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