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Attack Resistance Management

Close the gap on attackers

The gap between what you own and what you can protect puts you at risk. Attack resistance management closes the gap by continuously improving visibility and remediation across your evolving attack surface.

Attack Resistance Report
Attack resistance gap

Understanding, frequency, and feedback

The attack resistance gap is the sum of four parts:

  • Incomplete knowledge of your attack surface.
  • Cybersecurity testing that happens less frequently than application updates.
  • Cybersecurity testing tools that are shallow or too basic.
  • Defensive skills that are untested, unproven, or unavailable.

Attack Resistance Management is the solution

Close your gap by taking control of your attack surface--run the right tests, work with the right ethical hackers, and feed results back into your teams and processes.

Attack Resistance Management Diagram
Tap Into Talent
Security talent management

Tap into top talent

Our matching technology assigns hackers with the  skills and experience you need. We take care of vetting and payment so you don’t have to.

Asset Inventory
Recon and risk ranking

Know your riskiest assets

Scan your attack surface or import a scan from another attack surface management (ASM) tool. Our hackers help you understand risk from an exploitability perspective, and find anything you may have missed.

Diverse Testing
Security testing and triage

Prioritize and test the right things

Pick the right test for the job. A simple test of new functionality. A comprehensive pentest. An always-on bug bounty program. It’s up to you, and all controlled in the HackerOne platform.

Skill and intelligence development

Sharpen your skills and processes

Don’t stop with the vulnerability report. Use your own mistakes to educate your developers. Update threat models and create rules to find similar bugs.

Customers closing the gap

Close your attack resistance gap

Want to understand and protect your whole attack surface? We can help.

Peer into our crystal blog

The 2022 Attack Resistance Report

Forty-four percent of organizations lack confidence in their attack resistance capabilities. HackerOne’s attack resistance management helps your organization close its attack resistance gap.

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